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Teacher Assistant - Casual on call - Digby, Shelburne, Yarmouth

Date: Aug 13, 2019

Location: Yarmouth/Shelburne/Digby, NS, CA, B5A 1L4

Tri-County Regional Centre for Education 

The Tri-County Regional Centre for Education encompasses the three counties of Shelburne, Yarmouth, and Digby serving 5757 students in twenty-two (22) schools, composed of 13 Elementary Schools, 6 High Schools, 1 Middle School, and 2 Elementary/High Schools.


DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS (mm,dd,yyyy): 05/29/2020  at 11:59pm.

Effective Dates (mm,dd,yyyy): 09/04/2019 to  

Position Type: Casual





  • Casual on call basis - Casuals are needed in all three counties - Shelburne, Yarmouth & Digby Schools
    • (Current Casual Teacher Assistant's complete the application form found on the Human Resources website in our HR Form Depot to re-apply.)


TO APPLY: Complete the online profile/resume - you can attach a resume to your profile, security checks, and if you have reference letters. (Please note: Applications with 3 work related references listed from your immediate supervisor will be shortlisted. Failure to include your references will cause delay in processing your application.)



The TCRCE  requires that all new employees provide a satisfactory Child Abuse Register Check and Criminal Record / Vulnerable Sector Checks. These instructions and forms can be found on our Human Resources Department website in the HR Form Depot and you can attach these checks to your profile / resume, click here to access instructions and forms needed.



  • High school completion certificate;
  • Educational Support diploma or equivalent from a recognized post-secondary institution, including a formal practicum placement, other diploma's will be considered such as but not limited to Human Services, Early Childhood, CCA, LPN, etc;
  • Current First Aid and CPR certification;
  • Specific health care support training or certification would be an asset (i.e Non Violent Crisis Intervention, etc.);
  • Ability to perform physical requirements of the position.



  • Provides personal care functions as determined through the program planning process and under the direction of the teacher(s) when a student cannot, or should not, perform these activities independently. For example:
    • Assisting students with physical and mobility challenges by lifting and positioning, exercising, transferring from or to transportation, as specified in their program plan.
    • Ensuring a safe and respectful environment when meeting personal care needs of students.
    • Assisting students with routines (i.e. toileting, dressing, feeding, personal hygiene).
    • Administering medication and oral inhalant according to the Guidelines for the Administration of Medication to Students.
    • Carrying out medical procedures (e.g. catheterization) when trained and authorized, according to Board policies and procedures.
    • Assisting with program support when specifically directed and monitored by the teacher(s).
  • Supports the implementation of identified behaviour management outcomes under the direction of the teacher(s) when a student is unable to self-regulate his/her own behaviour. For example:
    • Using appropriate physical interventions in accordance with the Non Violent Crisis Intervention Training program, the student’s plan and board policies.
    • Encouraging students to respect the school’s code of conduct guidelines and PEBS initiative.
    • Modeling and encouraging respect for self and others.
    • Promoting and facilitating positive interactions among all students.
    • Recording data and observations as directed (e.g. the frequency of a particular behaviour or off-task data).
    • Assisting with program support when specifically directed and monitored by the teacher(s).
  • Working collaboratively as members of the school community. For example:
    • Demonstrating ethical behaviours by addressing conflicts, first with teachers, second, the administrative level, and third at the board staff level, according to board policies and procedures.
    • Respecting and promoting the rights of students.
    • Understanding the role of the program support assistant.
    • Modeling appropriate problem solving an conflict resolution.
    • Referring all requests for information to appropriate personnel.
    • Relaying information regarding the student to the teacher(s).
    • Participating in training and certification required to support the implementation of interventions.
    • Respecting privacy and confidentiality.
    • Communicating effectively with teachers, appropriate personnel and students.
    • Being knowledgeable of  and following board and provincial policies and administrative procedures.
  • Develops and maintains a positive rapport with students. For example:
    • Treating students in a  respectful, dignified and fair manner with due consideration to the student’s physical, social and psychological development.
    • Promoting independence and self-advocacy through appropriate wait time, prompting, reviewing and reinforcing.
    • Respecting the strengths and challenges of students.
    • Maintaining effective and collaborative relationships.
    • Demonstrating patience and understanding towards students.
    • Demonstrating appropriate responses to student-initiated interactions


**All applications are pending satisfactory completion of the Criminal Records/Vulnerable Sector and Child Abuse Registry checks. 


Please contact for assistance. 

Only Shortlisted applicants will be contacted.


For more information about the Tri-County Regional Centre for Education visit our website at

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