Employment Equity

Nova Scotia values and fosters a school environment that respects, celebrates and values racial and cultural diversity. https://www.ednet.ns.ca/parents-families/equity-support-students/cultural-equity: An approach designed to remove systemic barriers to equality of opportunity in employment by identifying and eliminating discriminatory policies and practices, redressing the effects of historic and continued discrimination, and affirming appropriate representation of designated groups. (Source: Department of Education: Racial Equity Policy)

The principles of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act, and the Nova Scotia Regional Centres for Education/CSAP’s policies on Race Relations, Cross Cultural Understanding and Human Rights will be important considerations for employment. The Nova Scotia Regional Centres for Education/CSAP are committed to employment equity and have individual processes to meet equitable hiring. All employees shall be provided the opportunity to complete an Employment Equity Employee Self-identification Survey with in SuccessFactors.




The Employment Equity practice includes: - Working towards a qualified labor pool which reflects the diversity in society. - Giving serious consideration to applicants from the following groups: Aboriginal peoples, people of African descent, people of racialized groups, women, and persons with disabilities. - Establishing an environment supportive of the principles of Employment Equity which would attract and retain members of designated groups and encourage all employees to self-identify.