French Language Programs - Employment Opportunities

There are numerous French Speaking employment opportunities throughout the Nova Scotia Regional Centres for Education/CSAP. Below you will find French programs being offered in Nova Scotia.

Immersion French

In Early Immersion program, between 80%-100% of instruction is provided in French. The program begins in grade Primary and continues to grade 12. At the elementary level, a minimum of 80% of instruction is provided in French, and approximately 70% of instruction is in French at the middle school level. At the high school level, students must take 9 credits in French.

In Late Immersion programs, students receive 70% of instruction in French. In the middle school years, students take five courses where instruction is provided in French. At the high school level, students must take nine credits offered in French.

Core French

All Nova Scotia Regional Centres for Education in the province offer Core French classes from grades 4 to 12. Core French is taught and studied in regular instructional periods.

Integrated French

For students who wish to develop a greater degree of French language, most Nova Scotia Regional Centres for Education offer an Integrated French program from grade 7 to 12. The program involves an accelerated French Language Arts course as well as French instruction in Social Studies.

Intensive French Program

The Intensive French program is an opportunity for grade 6 students to learn French as a second language. This program is a one year program where students receive intensive instruction in French for five months of the school year. When not in the Intensive French program of the year, students receive regular grade 6 instruction in English. Mathematics, Physical Education and Music are taught in English all year.

French first language education (écoles francophones)

The Conseil scolaire acadien provincial (CSAP) offers French first language education in its province-wide network of schools. For more information on CSAP employment opportunities, please access CSAP career page: Conseil Scolaire Acadien Provincial.

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