*Consultant of Critical Response Services

Annapolis Valley Regional Centre for Education


Consultant of Critical Response Services

1.00 FTE



First Available to Permanent, Assumed Permanent and Surplus Teachers of the AVRCE

Second Available to Term Recall Round One Teachers of the AVRCE

Third Available to Term Recall Round Two Teachers of the AVRCE

Fourth Available to Employment Equity Applicants

Fifth Available to External Applicants


Terms and conditions of employment, including wages, are in accordance with the Nova Scotia Teachers' Provincial Agreement


Closing Date:  Midnight, July 17th, 2024

The AVRCE Consultant of Critical Response Services is a position estblished to support the ongoing delivery and implementation of the AVRCE Crisis Response model.  The Consultant will act as a lisison between the AVRCE, regional and provincial stakeholders who are involved in school crisis planning, the AVRCE Occupational Health & Safety Officer, SchoolsPlus, School Psychologists and School Counsellors to ensure policy and practice updates are communicated and training and professional development opportunities are current and ongoing.


Consultant of Critical Response Services Qualifications:

  • A valid Nova Scotia Teacher's Certificate;
  • Master of Education Degree in Counselling;
  • Current specialized trainer certification in Crisis Response Delivery models such as PREPaRE, Psychological First Aid and CISM;
  • Current specialized training in Trauma Informed Care (IWK workshops, TEND academy).


Experience and Competencies:

  • Minimum ten (10) years experience providing leadership in delivering crisis support within a regional/provincial setting;
  • Minimum ten (10) years successful School Counselling experience with evidence of practice in prevention, early intervention, and effective intervention within a multi-tiered systems of support model;
  • Extensive experience preparing and delivering presentations, workshops, professional in-servicing and training modules in Crisis Response in both educational and community context;
  • Knowledge, experience and commitment to the areas of culturally responsive practices, human rights, inclusion, equity and diversity; 
  • Commitment to engaging in continuing education and professional development;
  • Extensive experience collaborating on provincial committees/teams re: Crisis Responsive and the role of the School Counsellor.


The AVRCE Consultant of Critical Response Services shall work closely with the Coordinator of Student Services and the Director of Programs and Services and the Regional Executive Director.  This role necessitates travel across the region, flexibility in scheduling and prompt responsiveness to crisis situations.  The responsibilities linked to this position may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • To guide and support schools in the development, implementation, and response of a school's crisis plan to ensure best practices are employed in the creation of preparation, response and recovery activities.  Ensuring preparation at all levels of response (Prevention, Preparation, Response, Recovery) to create disaster-resilient communities;
  • Together with the Regional Executive Director (RED), the AVRCE Consultant of Critical Response Services will ensure timely support and responses are well coordinated with necessary stakeholders;
  • Provide and coordinate training in best practices for critical repsonse management for team members and schools;
  • Build site capacity to monitor, evaluate and support the improvement of site-based plans ensuring both that the physical and psychological supports are aligned from a trauma informed lens;
  • Annually review the resources and training tools to ensure their continued suitability aligning with current research-based practices; 
  • Together with the OH&S Officer, review incidents AAR (after action reports) integrate lessons learned from the responses into procedures;
  • Determine the professional learning needs of School Counsellors and develop/facilitate professional development for them;
  • Provide support for School Counsellors, including, but not limited to, collaboration on complex cases, caseload management, responsive interventions, small group and whole class programming/practices;
  • Support the implementation of Nova Scotia Comprehensive School Counselling Framework and the understandin of the School Counsellor's role with the context of the AVRCE with both School Counsellors and Administrators with the focus on preventative and responsive programs and services.


Applicant Responsibilities

Provide 3 professional/supervisory, work-related references, their email addresses and their phone numbers in your SuccessFactors application. References must be able to speak to an applicant’s teaching abilities.