Casual Pre-Primary Relief Workers

Thank you for your interest in the South Shore Regional Centre for Education

The Casual Relief Staff for the Pre-primary Program will work with the Lead Early Childhood Educator (LECE) and the Support Early Childhood Educator (SECE) within the Pre-primary Program Team to ensure a positive, supportive and secure environment for young children attending the Pre-primary Program. Experience working with pre-school aged children is required.


Casual Relief staff will be oriented in the expectations and routines of the program by the ECE’s in the program and work with staff to foster an engaging learning environment, one in which children are encouraged to explore and create new knowledge through their experiences and social interactions with others.


Casual Relief Staff will be provided with a copy of Pre-primary’s positive behaviour guidance handbook and are encouraged to speak with ECE’s in the program to determine how best to approach difficult situations should they arise. Staff are expected to ask for support for appropriate behaviour guidance strategies for young children and eventually implement them as they are outlined in our Pre Primary Program’s policies and procedures.



Duties include:

  • Engaging with the children in the program as they play (both indoors and outdoors)
  • Assisting with bussing routines
  • Providing coverage for educators during break times
  • Assisting with cleaning toys and supplies.
  • Assisting with cleaning high touch surfaces(chairs, tables),
  • Filling in the checklist as things are cleaned.
  • Assisting with covid related regulations for organizing materials
  • Preparing and serving snacks.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Experience working with pre-school aged children is required.


Casual Relief staff report to the Facilitator of the Pre-primary Program and work up to 7 hours per day and make $15.25/hr.